Why work at home mum’s still need childcare

Become a work at home mum they said, it will be easy. You can save money on childcare, raise your children, spend time with your children, go to appointments all whilst earning money! What more could you ask for, right? WRONG!

For anyone that is considering becoming a work at home mum for the reasons above or even if you are a stay at home mum and need something to keep your brain stimulated, then read about my experience so far!

Becoming a work at home mum is bloody hard work! Especially if you are starting up a brand-new business.

What made me become a work at home mum then if it so hard you might ask?

After having my first child almost 4 years ago now, I decided to go back to work when we were looking at purchasing a new house. I cried and cried and cried. I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving him for strangers to raise, that was my job! So then we started thinking about how I could make money and stay at home. Brilliant!

Then along came baby number 2, and still no business ideas! Being a stay at home mum at this stage, was great, but when you have a husband who needs to work long hours I found myself with no stimulation, no adult conversations, and going crazy! Until one day, it hit me, and I found my calling. But what no one tells you is when starting up a business, it requires time! And more importantly uninterrupted time!

Now with 2 under 2 and a business idea lurking around, I decided to take the plunge!

But being a WAHM is hard work!

How is that hard? Do your business when your children are occupied or napping?

Ha! For anyone that knows me on a personal level, my boys DO NOT STOP. And to top it off, do not even nap anymore! Also, when you stay at home, straight away you are the on-call babysitter when relatives or friend’s children get sick and can’t attend childcare. Trying to explain to people that I may not be able to help out as I am trying to run a business, and constantly been told ‘oh, you aren’t even making money yet’ or ‘do your business tomorrow or when the kids go to bed’.

And then, because the universe didn’t think I was busy enough, I got the opportunity to take in and care for another gorgeous bub who’s parents couldn’t care for her. This now leaves me with 3 aged 3 and under. And a business!

Fair enough, I could make time and work on my business after the children go to bed at 7pm but by that stage, I am mentally exhausted and have a husband walking through the door that I would actually like to spend time with.

So how can I fix this situation so that I can be successful and a great mum?

I have then had to take a step back and think about what I really want. Not what my children want, or my family wants, but me! And I want to be a WAHM with a successful business. But to establish myself successfully I won’t be able to save money on childcare but will need to spend money on childcare as its almost impossible to even write 1 email in between nappy changes, the need for food (constantly!), the fighting and arguments, nap times and just when they want mum time.

Hopefully with a bit of me time to create a successful small business I will then be able to raise my children, spend more quality time with them and go to appointments all whilst earning money! But for now, I will be a WAHM with children in childcare!

are you doing the work/parenting juggle? Share your best tips for managing to do it all below.

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