Why you don’t need to spend 100’s of dollars on toys!

As we all know, toys can be expensive and the more children you have it can really add up! If your children are anything like mine, they love toy shops and want to buy every toy, and then when you bring home a new toy they lose interest after 5 minutes! That is why I have recently started getting rid of unused toys and letting them explore their imaginations.


Today my 2 boys aged 2 and 3 years played outside all day! Yes they have a trampoline, a swing set and a cubby house but guess what they did! They collected sticks, leaves, bark and flowers from the yard to make a dinosaur house! Here is the final outcome with no help from me. I personally think it looks more like they are going to start fire but I’m told, no it’s a dinosaur house. They acted like dinosaurs for hours, roaring around outside and placing all the sticks in a pile.


I love letting my children run wild outside! They cant dirty the house and they use all of their energy and fall asleep better at night! The outdoor toys are the best purchase I have ever made and the most used.They go from jumping and wrestling on the trampoline, riding bikes, to playing on the swing set, into the cubby house to pretend to cook food and serve it, pick mandarins off the mandarin tree and end up wet somewhere along the way. Skipping ropes are also a great idea and cheap at Lime Tree Kids. When we were moving houses the best decision we made was choosing a house with a larger yard over a house with a pool and little yard.


Yes, both boys and girls love playing dress ups! And yes there may be mess afterwards but that’s OK. Let them explore their cupboards and mix and match items that don’t match, let them place socks on their ears and nose to be elephants (and join in like my hubby). Let them explore your wardrobes and pretend to be mummies and daddies. You can even create your own dress ups with garbage bags, just cut the end off and decorate!


If the kids are a little hyped up though and you would like some piece and quite, activities such as books and puzzles are great entertainment. Personalised Creativity Books and Personalised Puzzles are also a big hit!

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