A Yummy Healthy Recipe For Little Tummies

This week Melanie from Life Is For Living shares a delicious and simple dish that all little tummies will love! In January this year Melanie and her family made the big decision to pack up their suburban life and move to a more peaceful life in Victoria’s, Yarra Valley. For her this change has been a long awaited dream come true. Her goal now is to live as sustainably as possible and create a better living environment for her children and herself. Their country life is filled with a lovely big green block, chooks, vegetable patches and fruit trees.They are learning more about how their actions effect the environment around them every day and for this Melanie will always be thankful they made the change. She is the owner of the wonderful Life Is For LivingYou can follow Melanie on Facebook ,Instagram or visit her site here

Today I’d like to share with you a recipe from an amazing friend of mine and fully qualified Naturopath. We are both always striving to fill our tummies and our children’s tummies with nutritious goodies and love trying new recipes with locally sourced ingredients. Enjoy.

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Surviving the Daycare Drop Off

This week Sherene Abrahams, a mother of two who returned to work part-time when both of her children were 9 months old explains how she deals with Daycare drop offs. Sherene has had a successful career in Human Resources, which means she has both experienced and seen how difficult it can be to juggle the demands of work and family life. The Working Parents Hub grew from a desire to help other working parents find their balance – regardless of what their family and their work looks like. She is also the owner of the wonderful Working Parents HubYou can follow Sherene on Facebook ,Instagram or visit her site here


I’ve been a daycare mum for almost 7 years. After all that time I should be a pro – after all, my family is part of the furniture at the centre. However, drop offs are still an absolute nightmare for me. I actually think that they’re worse now than they were right back in the beginning.Continue Reading →

7 Tips To Help You Leave The House On Time In The Mornings

Weekday mornings… Even the sentence may fill you with dread.

The rushing, shouting and seemingly unavoidable end result of always being late!

There is no doubt that getting children up and out on time can be a real challenge in the mornings. Now I’m not going to pretend I can be your fairy godmother and wave a wand to fix this but I do have a list of tips that can really lower the stress factor.

Sometimes just some quick and simple changes can save you a substantial amount of time, so have a read and see which ones will help you.

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Choosing the best Centre for your breastfed baby.

It is no easy decision to send you breastfed baby to childcare, but for many mums they have no choice or it is the best one for their family. A lot of women look at it and think it is “too hard”. Or they don’t believe they have the support they need to make the transition. Obviously the age on the child is a huge factor and the younger they are the more difficult it can be. But I am here to say there are many things you can do to make this transition a smooth one and you pick the right centre for your family.

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What you can do to connect with your child

After a long day at childcare and work it is very important to make the time to connect with your child. It can be so easy to get into the habit of rushing everything. We all know the witching hour can be a bit of a nightmare! However to help your child feel secure, this is not something you want to skip!

Obviously your strategies will have to slightly change depending on your child and how many children you have. But here are some to start with!

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