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What can My Childcare Directory do for you?

My Childcare Directory is set up to help families and carers investigate their childcare options.

Whether you are requiring childcare due to going back to work, to have a break or help your child socialise we can help you! I will investigate you options such as family day care centres, Long day care centres, Preschools, Occasional care and before and after school care facilities. I will try and help you have all of your options in one place, and can provide reviews from current and past families that have used the services to help you with your decision. 

I will provide you with materials to help your decision process easier such as provide tips on how to choose the best child care setting for your child, things to look for when you’re visiting a childcare centre and tips to help manage separation anxiety for all involved!

I am a real person and want to be able to help you in this process as easily as possible so if you require more information than is provided or would like something please contact me and I’m more than happy to help!

For Business owners, My Childcare Directory would love to help families find the right centre and if you believe you have excellent quality service provided, we would absolutely love you to come on board and get your business recognised!


But who am I to be able to help?

I’m a wife and mum and have 2 gorgeous little boys who love cars, trains, dinosaurs and getting messy! Since having my children I have been a working mum as well as a stay at home mum and have used multiple childcare settings. I have dealt with the tantrums and with the guilt that they like to make you feel when you leave them! I also hold a Bachelor of Teaching (Birth to 5 years) so understand how childcare services work.

I first week back to work when my 1st born son was 6 months old. I thought I would be easy to choose the right childcare centre for him, but it still didn’t make the decision any easier. I began working at a new centre and was able to take him with me which I was always told would make things so much easier, but really it didn’t! I wasn’t able to be in the same room as him, but hearing him cry during the day and not being able to comfort him was one of the hardest things I have had to face! When walking past his classroom I would have to crawl on the ground because if he saw me, he would scream until I came in! Fair enough every child is different but for me and my child, this wasn’t working. I then had the dilemma of dealing with the sicknesses that come when your child starts day care and at the end of the day, had to make the decision for what was right for my family at the time and stop working.

Due to financial reasons, tried to work again when he was 12 months old but this time, chose a centre which was smaller- hoping to get less illnesses (which didn’t work). But then, along came baby number 2 and the amount of guilt I then felt every time he would beg me not to go to school that day was unbearable. I then decided to stay at home with my babies until I began to go crazy with the isolation and limited adult interactions. At this stage I had a 1 year old and 2.5 year old and found a part-time job that I loved!

I was then faced with childcare problems again… I went to countless numbers of family day care providers thinking that may work better for my family to have them kept together, but walking in to some of these homes made me want to vomit as I could never imagine leaving my child in some of these disgusting environments and even found at one stage, a family day care provider had adult males walking around, smoking and shirtless! Any family day care providers that I actually did like either didn’t have vacancies or had family emergencies going on when I was meant to start work so I had to find a solution quick smart!

Fast forward to now, I now get to stay home with an 18 month old and have a 3 year old in the best preschool environment which has resulted in not 1 single tear, since day 1! He loves attending and asks me every day if he can go to school!

After all of these struggles with trying to find the right day care suits the needs of my children and our family, I understand how frustrating it can be for families! My Childcare Directory wants to help make the process of choosing the right centre a little bit easier for you and assist you in exploring all of your options.